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1. What type of projects do you support?

We support non-profit organizations seeking to make European films accessible to American audiences. Examples of supported projects include film festivals, conferences on European cinema, relevant retrospectives, educational programs and more.


2. How do you define European cinema?

Because many films are international co-productions and thus make it difficult to define their nationality, we favor those films portraying worldviews and customs typical of Europe.


3. What are the eligibility requirements for ELMA's support?

Your event must be non-commercial and preferably be organized by a 501(c)3 organization. Your goal must be to showcase European cinema in the US and promote intercultural understanding.


4. What kind of support do you provide?

We can provide funding and/or technical assistance, notably in the area of promotion.

5. Does ELMA provide funding for film production and distribution?


6. What are the guidelines to be considered for receiving ELMA's support?

Please contact us with a description of your project and how it fits our mission.

7. Are you looking for any specific kinds of projects?

We would enthusiastically welcome ideas to interest the next generation of filmgoers in European cinema. In addition, we are looking for projects that honor the "movie experience": seeing a film on a big screen and conversing about the ideas it raises. More than anything, we encourage projects that celebrate cultural diversity, foster international curiosity and communication.

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